We have gained a broad experience in removing small-scale asbestos applications. With this knowledge we have developed a variety of different MiniContainment models that can be used in a range of different applications. For example, we have got a standard MiniContainment for removing windowsills, a double MiniContainment for transit ducts, or can use two half MiniContainments specifically for the removal of asbestos gaskets or valves in pipelines. And for asbestos-containing objects with irregular shape, we are able to build a customized MiniContainment.

FLoor hatch 

Floor hatches which cover cellars are often made of materials containing asbestos for its moisture resistance capacity.

We have developed a specific MiniContainment for this type of project.


Many windowsills are made of asbestos and need to be removed. MiniContainment seals off the at-risk area so effectively that it is possible for the occupant to be in the same room during removal. Also ideal in combination with frame replacement.


Air duct 

Air ducts are often built into the walls or roof in attics and bathrooms. It is often difficult to fit decontamination units in these compact areas. MiniContainment solves this problem!

Transit duct moulds 

Asbestos moulds are often used in transit ducts. This mould can be removed by a custom made ‘double’ MiniContainment which can be attached to both sides of the deck, subsequently isolating the transit duct. This changes size of the operation area from two rooms, to potentially a meter. Read more >>

Industrial gaskets 

Gaskets often connect two flanges, which connect two pipes together. Our (free-hanging) MiniContainment has been modified for removal of these gaskets. Especially in industry, where “time is money” and “safety is first” we can bring a lot of advantages.


Pipe insulation 

Around pipes they often used non-friable asbestos insulation. For a long time there was no ideal equipment to remove this insulation, due to the combination of a confined working place and the environmental aspects. We believe our MiniContainment is the perfect solution for this application.