About MiniContainment B.V. 

MiniContainment Nederland BV itself is not an asbestos company. Our company designed and developed this new method, and produce and commercialize the MiniContainments. In cooperation with our licensees, we specialize in the removal of small asbestos objects from minor spaces in a safe way!


Every licensee of MiniContainment Nederland BV is selected by us from a range of (in Holland SC-530) Asbestos removal companies. When the licensee receives a new order, a team is formed to work on this project of which one (sometimes two) worker(s) are MiniContainment Nederland BV employees.


To ensure the quality of our licensees, we also train or retrain the employees of our licesees. Only asbestos removal companies selected by MiniContainment Nederland BV are authorized to use the MiniContainment method!


MiniContainment Nederland BV claims the exclusive right to use the MiniContainment method including the devices within. In the Netherlands is a patent granted for the MiniContainment method and the corresponding devices. An international patent application is filed for the MiniContainment method and the corresponding devices. MiniContainment Nederland BV grants licenses to Asbestos Removal companies that, in addition to regular requirements, also meet our own quality standards. We will take legal action against all parties that use our MiniContainment method and corresponding devices without a license agreement granted by us.


MiniContainment Nederland BV collaborates with the following licensees in the Netherlands (this list will be updated soon).

An international study has been initiated to review the market opportunities in other countries.

Vlasman BV

Alphen aan den Rijn



Schijf Groep


BZN Asbestsanering BV

Tweede Exloërmond

Roessen & Roessen

Berkel en Rodenrijs

About the MiniContainment team 

MiniContainment Nederland BV originated from the idea that the removal of small asbestos objects from minor spaces should be possible within legal requirements. Together with several inspirational partners, Ruud Janssen, expert in the asbestos industry for many years, developed the MiniContainment method, which is now pending patent application. In 2015 it was decided to start up a new company for this business to broarder market the concept of MiniContainment. One of those partners, Dennis Kierkels, is now General Manager of this company, based in Helden-Panningen.

Ruud and Dennis are very committed to the theme ‘Health’. Another of their great initiatives is the successfull Obesity Cycling Tour.

Early 2016, MiniContainment was granted an innovation award which allowed them to drive the "innovation Mini" for one month.

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Dennis Kierkels, CEO