The introduction of MiniContainment to the Dutch market in 2015 was preceeded by extensive preparation and testing. Eventhough we are very self-confident about the product MiniContainment, we rely on the confidence given to us by clients and/or partners.

Below you will find some of their recent testimonials.

“No full face mask needed, no obstructed vision, everything can be seen with the naked eye. A perfect technique, no risk of exposure.”

“With regards to Occupational Health and Safety Management, this technique has huge advantages for the asbestos removal workers themselves. And it causes far less nuisance for residents. Furthermore it’s less disturbing, no huge containment units are placed, and no safety ribbons. “

“Being able to work without a mask, is the main advantage. Furthermore, no decontamination procedures to follow, no changing into protective clothing, no showering. This is such an improvement.”

“In the business of asbestos removal we always rely on the best known technology . For the removal of asbestos windowsills, MiniContainment is top notch”

“Traditionally decontamination units and low pressure machines were placed, tents were built, there was a lot of noise, men in protective white suits were present. All emphasising the risk of asbestos removal. With MiniContainment this is not the case.”

“Residents can just stay in their room while astbestos is being removed. We as inspectors can easily inspect the work in progress in the home, that was impossible before.”

Ruud Gerards,

Woonservice Urbanus

“For workers this method is significant improvement regarding the working conditions and work-related hygienic strategy “

“I supervised a project in in an office still in use in which more than 300 windowsills had to be removed. Over a hundred final inspections were done, all received the certificate asbestos-free. The short turnaround time makes planning easy. This is a true innovation!”

Jan Barsch, Falanxadvies.nl

Main aspect of this technology is that it’s safe. But combined with a fast, silent, and hardy noticeable execution, this efficient way of working limits costly claims, reputational damage, worried neighbours and media attention. "